Have you ever wondered why you have a lot of energy for doing some things, while other things seem to suck the energy from you? Whether it’s at work, home or in any aspect of your life, you have certain instinctive strengths for taking action in a particular way that differ from your interests, motivations or skills. If you work with those instincts, you have more energy to accomplish your goals and tasks. If you are not working in sync with your instinctive strengths, you lose energy more quickly. Over time you can actually experience burnout if you consistently “work against your grain”. This can sometimes be mistaken for lack of skill, motivation or engagement.

The Kolbe© Profile System is the only psychometric tool that predicts performance by measuring how you instinctively take action. It’s all about execution.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring you have the right seats on the bus
  • Ensuring people are aligned with work that is suited to their instinctive strengths, instead of wasting their energy
  • Building synergistic teams
  • Making the most of people’s time and resources

Kolbe© Solutions include:

  • Kolbe© Individual Indexes provide an assessment of an individual’s instinctive strengths for taking action (their MO). These profiles can be customized to provide assessment on career, sales, and financial MO and are available in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Leadership Analytics (LEAN™) solutions provide quantifiable measurements of a team’s efficiency and productivity. Leadership Analytics™ assesses the factors that determine a team’s success, helping identify not just the cause of team productivity and efficiency problems, but the strategies to solve them. By relating the instinctive strengths of team members to the factors that determine group success, Leadership Analytics™ provides managers and leaders with proof-of-improvement metrics for a wide range of group challenges. Leadership Analytics™ provide insights and bottom-line findings to help team leaders:

    1. Increase their ability to execute on strategies and goals.
    2. Pinpoint sources of conflict.
    3. Break through group inertia and organizational paralysis.
    4. Accommodate differing approaches to problem solving.
    5. Align team member expectations with manager requirements.
    6. Accomplish more with fewer people.
    7. Improve individual and group productivity.
  • Team Success Seminars provide a full or half-day customized program designed to introduce organizations or workgroups to key Kolbe concepts and strengths-based strategies for improving performance. Each session provides a complete inventory and analysis of individual instinctive strengths. Participants learn how their natural abilities align with their personal expectations for performance as well as with their supervisors’ requirements for success.
  • Kolbe© RightFit Tools for Recruitment is a statistically proven hiring tool that helps companies screen and select the best job applicants by determining who has the necessary instincts.

If you would like further information regarding Kolbe Assessments, please contact Catherine Meyer.