2 Young 2 Retire


Retirement is no longer the only choice for a majority of baby boomers, and it isn’t just finances driving the motivation for a shift in thinking about this time of life. What are your options to retiring?

The 2young2retire ® series will help you discover the answer.

This program helps you re-imagine your life as you approach the age that is normally associated with retirement. It will provide you with the space and process for seeing the potential for a new life that can be your own.

Challenge the norms and cultural expectations of people moving into what is traditionally considered the “retirement” phase of life.

This powerful, interactive learning experience will help you clarify intentions, set goals , and take action while supporting other group members who share similar objectives.

Who is the ideal participant?
Anyone who is approaching retirement or has retired and wants to find new meaningful work and opportunities for this phase of their lives. If you have a desire to discover and contribute your talents to your community in ways your may not have previously considered, or have considered doing something different with your life and are not sure what steps to take, then this is for you!

Participants work in small groups addressing key issues such as:
Career Options
Small Business Opportunities
Community Service

For information on upcoming course dates, or if you are interested in introducing this program to your organization, please contact Catherine Meyer.

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