Hogan Instruments


The Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values, and cognitive reasoning ability. The assessments are grounded in decades of research and evaluate every major job family from administration to CEO.  The Hogan assessments are widely credited with demonstrating how personality factors influence organizational effectiveness.

Hogan Assessments Include:

  • HoganSELECT  Provides valid and reliable pre-employment personality assessment as a cost-effective strategy for identifying the most suitable job candidates. By using HoganSelect for your employee selection process, you can identify the work style behaviors most critical for successful performance in a particular job within your organization.
  • HoganDEVELOP  Provides assessment of performance capabilities as determined by one’s limitations and strengths, and understanding how they compare with those of others. The suite of HoganDevelop tools provides information that can be used to shape and direct one’s career.
  • HoganLEAD  Is a world-renowned, premiere leadership development program that is ideal for developing leaders through proven psychometric research that distinguishes successful leaders from failed leaders. By using HoganLead, leaders fully understand their performance capabilities, challenges and drivers – the key to getting ahead.

Hogan Individual Indexes:


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