Organizational Solutions.

Catalyst Leadership Solutions helps businesses build and integrate a team focused culture for enhanced collaboration and efficiency. Our customized programs are delivered to meet the needs of teams at all levels of your business. We provide the framework combined with experiential learning to bring your teams to the next level of success. Our follow-up team coaching ensures positive action after the program is over and real life begins again.

Some specific areas of practice:

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

Our approach to Leadership Development starts with identifying your organizational-specific leadership competencies.  Once we are able to reach consensus on what leadership means within your organization, we will work with you tailor a 360 feedback process that ensures meaningful insights into your team’s leadership strengths and areas for development.

Through workshops, coaching and mentoring relationships and other processes of engagement, we will work with you to identify and grow the leadership that exists within your organization.

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

Catalyst Leadership Solutions is experienced at facilitating the strategic planning process in a diverse range of businesses and cultures and will work with you to prepare your organization for the effective management of future challenges and opportunities. We do this using a range of strategic planning tools that help you clarify your key priorities and will tailor our approach to fit your specific needs.  The cornerstone of our approach is accountability.  Often, once strategic planning sessions are complete, they end up in a binder on a shelf and are forgotten.  We build accountability into the process so that the plans you make for the future of your organization are relevant, actionable and engage your team.

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