Team Solutions.

Does your team tend to work more in silos than as a cohesive, synergistic team?
Are conflicts sometimes impeding your team’s ability to work effectively?
Does your team sometimes have challenges getting things done, even when you are clear on the goals?
We can help you improve your ability to execute on your strategies and goals in measurable ways. Using a unique, proven set of leadership analytic tools, we can provide a quantifiable assessment of your team’s efficiency and productivity, based on your current mix of instinctive talents. We identify and engage your instinctive leadership strengths, and that of your team to give you an unparalleled advantage in performance gains, creativity, and synergy leading to the kind of bottom line results you strive to achieve.

With these tools we can help you:
• Ensure you have the right seats on the bus;
• Ensure people are aligned with work that is suited to their instinctive strengths, instead of wasting their energy;
• Align leadership and project teams to increase their ability to execute their strategies and goals;
• Make the most of people’s time and resources.

We provide customized programs designed to introduce your organization or team to key concepts and strengths-based strategies for improving performance. Using the Kolbe Concepts® , Kolbe Leadership Analytics® and the Kolbe Team Success® Program, we can identify the team’s formula for success with an extraordinary level of accuracy and detail.

What clients are saying:

“This is absolutely one of the best tools for teambuilding.”
Dick Spigarelli, Director Program Management Development, Johnson Controls Inc.

“We are finding that by using the Kolbe system, we can define what makes a team a success.”
John Barr, Senior Managing Partner, Xerox Quality Services

“The impact on the professional arena is mind-boggling because it is so powerful. The team building component alone will impact the bottom line.”
Lynette Donovan, Director of Organization Development, Umbro USA.

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